Sliding Wardrobes in Watford

With significant advancements worldwide, wardrobes have also taken a few giant leaps to make their place in luxury spaces. Designing sliding door wardrobes requires experts because a well-designed wardrobe can alter small spaces into spacious living areas.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has been providing bespoke custom sliding wardrobes for over 16 years. With our extensive experience and range of designs, we facilitate wardrobe fabrication that can fit an indoor area of any size without compromising the storage space.

Our Range of Sliding Door Styles

Our company delivers a range of door styles for sliding wardrobes, which is the main benefit of bespoke solutions. Our designs come in two, three, four or more door options depending on the space available. Our main door styles include:

  • Built-in Wardrobes – The best possible choice for large spaces. Our sliding doors work perfectly with built-in wardrobes, providing easy access and saving space.
  • Free-Standing Wardrobes – These come in various colours and designs and are a viable option for people moving a lot. Sliding doors in free-standing wardrobes can deliver more space to move freely in a room and can be placed in tight spaces.
  • Our Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe Door – Facilitates a more elegant look and makes the room appear larger. Our registered fitters use safety backing films while fixing a mirror, which will prevent it from shattering during an accident.
  • Glass Sliding Doors – Mainly the same as mirrored ones, except there are a variety of colours in glass panels to match your room design. Our experts use the same backing film to provide more safety in case of an accident.
  • Vinyl-Covered Sliding Doors – Come in a range of designs and colours and are considered the cost-efficient option compared to other variants. The frames are composed of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and then covered with vinyl.

Why Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes?

  • Over 16 years of experience constructing sliding wardrobes in Watford.
  • Use of high-quality materials for durability.
  • Free consultation with specialists to select the most suitable design.
  • Wide range of luxury designs and colours to select from.
  • Option of custom design based on the space at hand and customer requirements.
  • Project completion within 14 days from the date of receiving the order.
  • Licenced experts delivering efficient installations.
  • A variety of other services under one roof, including kitchen, media room, and gallery solutions.

Things to Consider Before Installing Sliding Door Wardrobes

Although our sliding wardrobes provide a more efficient way to store your stuff, there are some considerations attached while installing it, such as:
  • Ensuring there is enough space for the wardrobe installation.
  • Keen measurement of the area where the wardrobe will be installed
  • Choosing the right doors according to your space and choosen style.
  • Selecting the design carefully to match it with your room aesthetics.
  • Requirements for your storage needs, such as more shelves, drawers or hanging place.
  • Preparation of the space for effective installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Sliding door wardrobes provide various advantages compared to other variants:

  • Efficient to use in narrow places
  • Entirely customisable
  • Range of styles and designs
  • Provide a more modern look
  • Smooth to open and close

We offer a range of sliding door mechanisms to fulfil our customer’s requirements. These include:

  • Bottom running doors
  • Top running doors
  • Collapsable doors
  • Vertically running sliders

Yes, fixing a sliding door wardrobe in a carpeted room can be difficult, so using spacers in the wardrobe area is advised. If the carpet is already laid, take out the required section using a knife or use spacers on top of it.

The installation of a complex-designed sliding door wardrobe may take around a day or day and a half to complete.