Chest of Drawers in Harrow

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes takes charge of augmenting your bedroom’s interior by crafting customised chests of drawers in Harrow, keyed to your style, taste, and preferences. A stylish addition to your bedroom, it comes with aesthetics, functionality, and as an ideal space-saving solution.

We Offer Different Types of Chests of Drawers

We provide bespoke solutions to accommodate your varying needs, offering different sizes, types, and finishes:

Vertical Chest of Drawers

Our vertical chest of drawers helps you get a tall and narrow storage solution. Being a preferable choice for small bedrooms, it requires relatively less space. You can also use it in pairs with a dresser for additional storage.

Tallboy Chest of Drawers

We provide taller and skinnier tallboy chests of drawers which are suitable for storing and organising smaller articles, such as socks, undergarments, ties, etc. You can conveniently store any of your accessories in a tallboy chest of drawers, including jewellery pieces, skin care products, and makeup items, among many others.

Gentleman’s Chest of Drawers

Thanks to our gentleman’s chest of drawers, which has a tall cabinet section for hanging various clothing items, such as dress pants, ties, jackets, etc., in a well-organised and sorted manner, you get built-in shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to maximise the storage space.

Bachelor’s Chest of Drawers

We offer bachelor’s chest of drawers that comes with 3 to 4 drawers, providing a small and narrow yet viable storage solution. If you are a single person with limited storage requirements, this is a perfect solution to accommodate your needs.

Media Chest of Drawers

The open shelf present at the top of the media chest of drawers allows you to place cable boxes, wires, movies, remotes, etc., in an organised way. As a versatile option, it can also be used for resting your television over it as it provides a good and convenient viewing height.

Combi Chest of Drawers

Get a combi chest of drawers from Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes to organise your clothes in different drawers and shelves. Moreover, you can also hang your clothes on built-in rods for easy and convenient access.

Choose the Best Chest of Drawers with Our Specialists!

Our licenced specialists craft the most suitable chest of drawers for you after:

  • Measuring the wall or walls’ length where you intend to place the chest of drawers.
  • Determining the required amount of storage space based on the things you want to store.
  • Deciding the appropriate height of the chest of drawers, ensuring easy access and convenient storage.
  • Consulting you for the type of material for your chest of drawers.
  • Finalising the finishing requirements, such as handles, knobs, mirrors, etc.
  • Deciding the number of drawers based on your storage requirements.

Get a Clever Storage Solution with Us

Get a chest of drawers designed exclusively for your room with Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes. Offering a selection range available in different colours and designs to match your room’s interior, our experts help you select the right type of chest of drawers for your space.

Store your things conveniently with style by getting your favourite chest of drawers in Harrow. Contact us today for cost-efficient solutions!

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Frequently Asked Questions


The most suitable location for the chest of drawers installation is against a wall; however, it can be placed in the centre of a large size room to divide the space. Ensure it does not get in the way of walkways in your room or does not block too much space.

Different materials can be used to make a chest of drawers, including:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Laminate

There are different opening mechanisms for chest of drawers, such as:

  • Long Bars
  • Rope Pulls
  • Hidden Handles
  • Round Metal Knobs

The key to keeping things well-organised is to select the right type of chest of drawers based on your storage requirements and the type of things you want to store. You can select a chest of drawers with 2 to 10 drawers based on your storage needs to keep your things sorted and well-organised.