Built-in Media Unit

Built-in media units, if masterfully crafted, can become the focal point of any décor style with their elegant and graceful look. They present an opportunity to create a decluttered and organised space of the room through their bespoke designs.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes houses certified craftsmen who create made-to-measure media units for living rooms, bedrooms, and media rooms at competitive costs. We are a licenced and registered company offering a complete range of services from design to installation and post-installation support.

Create Your Own Style

Our tradesmen are specialists in creating bespoke media unit designs that perfectly translate your vision and style. Whatever the dimensions of the space, their crafted media units fit in with utmost precision, making them an attention-grabbing décor element immediately. Here are some major styles that we can create:

Contemporary Units

Generally made of metal or glass, they are extremely easy to clean. These designs have clean lines which make them stand out among other styles.

Traditional Units

These units are made of wood or its derivatives. They can be distinguished from their turned legs and top crown mouldings.

Cottage Units

Made from lighter wood or wood derivatives, these media units have a painted finish with a minimalistic design.

Modern Units

Made from wood and its derivatives, modern units have sharp and sleek lines with minimalistic design features.

Reap Benefits of a Worthy Investment

Enhanced Storage Space

Media units can include every storage option, from shelves to cupboards and drawers, allowing you to declutter your room and provide it with an organised look.

Cleared Space

Media and TV units have specially built spaces and holes to conceal wires, cables, and other supporting assemblies to provide a clear look of the space.

Complete Customisation

Media units offer a versatile design and style range that you can select from according to your preferences and existing décor style.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Their perfectly symmetrical lines can produce any desired look of a room and immediately boost the aesthetics.

Change with You

Their designs are generally flexible and can be modified later on according to your changing needs and preferences.

How Does It Work?

We have designed a smooth and organised method to keep our clients in the loop. Here is how we do it:

First Consultation with our clients to understand their needs, preferences, and any budget constraints to grasp the scope of the job.

Initial Survey of our expert craftsmen to take measurements of the available space and analyse the existing décor to create a perfect design.

Conceptualisation of a bespoke design for media units that serves the dual purpose of aesthetics and functionality.

Seamless installation of the media unit on a pre-promised time and date.

All-in-One Media Unit Solutions

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has sixteen years of bright and vibrant legacy that exhibits its superior professionalism and expertise. We are offering a complete set of services for built-in media units at highly market competitive prices. Our service package includes:

  • Intricate Designing
  • Expert Installation
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Post-Installation Support

Let’s connect now to create a bespoke media unit for your interior and enjoy an elevated look for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We can craft customised media units of any type that suit your style. Here are a few major types:

  • Entertainment centres
  • TV stands
  • Media chests
  • Entertainment fireplaces

There are three suitable places that are utilised to place media units. You can choose from them according to your interior décor:

  • Against a Wall
  • In the Corner
  • Centre of the Room

The colour of media units should be selected according to the existing décor of the space. However, the most common colours are:

  • Green
  • Cool Lavenders and Lilacs
  • Orange
  • Light Brown Milk Chocolate
  • Mustard
  • Rose
  • Powder Blue

We aim to conclude every project within two weeks from when the order is placed.

Our Partners

Here are a few of our partners, whose support and collaboration have been integral to our success. We’re grateful for their trust and commitment to our shared goals.