Fitted Wardrobes in Kensington

Fitted wardrobes are considered a luxurious alternative to free-standing wardrobes, mainly tailored to the available space and fitting perfectly in it. They come with abundant storage capacity and cover the gaps presented by free-standing wardrobes.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes provides bespoke custom-fitted wardrobe installations in Kensington. Our fitted wardrobes are more than just furniture for us; they are a lifestyle choice transforming your home. With a range of designs and custom options, our company’s wardrobes are customised to fit both your space and taste perfectly.

Types of Fitted Wardrobes We Offer

We offer a variety of indoor fitted wardrobes in Kensington according to your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a sleek, modern design or a classic, timeless look, we have got you covered.

Built-in Fitted Wardrobes: They are designed to fit seamlessly into your room, maximising room space. Our specialists can customise it to blend in with the room decor, providing an elegant look.

Corner Wardrobes: They are perfect for utilising awkward spaces and corners in small bedrooms. Our experts design it to provide both shelves and hanging rails to facilitate more efficient storage.

Sliding door Wardrobes: It is the finest option for small rooms where a space-saving solution is required. It offers sliding doors that effortlessly glide open and close.

Walk-in Wardrobes: The ultimate luxury, best suited for large rooms. Our experienced designers design it according to your requirements by adding tailored shelves, racks or compartments.

Hinged door Wardrobes: It is the classic design, where doors on hinges open outwards. We can customise it to match the interior style of your room or also add a mirror for a more sleek look.

Loft Wardrobes: Our licenced experts design them to fit in awkwardly sloped spaces. They are customised according to your loft slope for more efficient storage and a high-quality design.

An Efficient Storage Solution

Choosing a fitted wardrobe from our different sizes and types comes with several advantages:

We offer tailored services to fit the exact dimensions of your room. Our registered designers design wardrobes with great care to meet your individual needs.

  • Everyone requires space for storage, and our sleek wardrobes can make the most of your bedroom space, eliminating any wasted areas and providing ample storage space.
  • Our custom-fitted wardrobes are designed to blend in with your room’s aesthetics, enhancing the overall look and feel.
  • We aim to provide style and quality via our experienced specialists, considering the latest trends and material’s durability.
  • Fitted wardrobes provide a cost-effective way to facilitate plenty of storage space that can be utilised for various purposes.
  • Installing a durable and stylish built-in storage solution like a sliding door wardrobe can not only add storage space but also significant value to your home.

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If you are looking to transform your bedroom with a fitted wardrobe in Kensington, do not look further. Our team of experts is here to assist you through every step, from design to installation. Contact us today and let us be your reliable partner on your journey towards a more organised and stylish bedroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions


One of the features of fitted wardrobes is their customisation. After installation, if you require any changes or more space, they can be easily customised by us. This feature also provides more long-term functionality.

Unlike free-standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are designed for permanent placement. Moving a fitted wardrobe could be challenging, which is why it is advised to place your wardrobe after careful consideration.

The time to install fitted wardrobes depends on the size and complexity of the wardrobes, but the average time is recorded between two to three days.

The lifespan of fitted wardrobes depends on the company you choose for your wardrobes and the materials used to construct them. However, the average lifespan is calculated to be around 15 to 20 years.