Bespoke Alcove Units

Fitted alcove units have the tendency to become the focal point of any interior design. No matter the décor style of your space, a creatively designed alcove unit will surpass any other design element and will catch the eyes of your houseguest immediately.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has a team of skilled and creative specialists possessing the mastery to create this mesmerising effect on the viewers. Our custom-designed alcove units will harmonise with your interior design seamlessly and provide an elevated aesthetic look to your space. Contact us today to design a made-to-measure alcove unit!

Why Invest in an Alcove Unit?

Optimised Space Utilisation: Alcove units maximise available space, especially in smaller properties where every inch matters.

Customisable Designs: You can tailor your alcove unit to your preferences, reflecting your personality and home decor through unique styles and finishes.

Functional and Practical: Alcove units are designed for functionality, offering customisation in colours, finishes, and materials for a personalised touch.

Storage Enhancement: Alcove units provide discreet storage solutions, keeping belongings organised and out of sight, whether it’s a wardrobe or bespoke alcove cabinets for toys.

Added Character: Alcove units can transform room aesthetics, enhancing both modern and traditional spaces while serving as a focal point for your décor.

Added Property Value: Custom-designed alcove unit can provide a boost to the property’s monetary value, attracting more potential buyers.

What Are the Options by Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes?

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has been working in the field for over 16 years. Our experts are well experienced in crafting bespoke furniture solutions for homes and offices. They can create a made-to-measure alcove unit for your space that will boost the aesthetic and monetary value of your house significantly. Here is what we can craft:

  • Bedroom Alcove Units
  • Fireplace Alcoves
  • Lounge Alcove Cupboards
  • Bespoke Alcove Wardrobes
  • Shaker Alcove Cupboard
  • Free-Standing Alcove Units
  • Victorian Alcove Cupboard
  • Painted Alcove Units
  • Alcove Shelving
  • Chimney Breast Alcove Cupboards
  • Mirrored Alcoves
  • Alcove Storage Units

Versatile Uses of Alcove Units

Alcove units present versatile uses:

  • Fit custom-designed cupboards for more storage.
  • Add cabinets and shelving for ornament display.
  • Display your books and DVD collection.
  • Accommodate your LED TV, sky box, etc.
  • Conceal wires and cables behind them.
  • Store children’s toys in the unit.

Why Choose Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes?

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes is a fully registered and licenced company that has been crafting bespoke alcove units for more than sixteen years. We only utilise top-quality materials to ensure the longevity of our products, making our services highly cost-effective. We are also providing an all-in-one solution package that includes:

  • Designing & Consultation
  • Installation and Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Post-Installation Support

Contact us through a phone call or fill out the form on our website to start elevating your interior design with a unique alcove unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Alcove units are a combination of shelves on top and cupboards at the bottom to fit in a recess area or opening in a room, known as alcoves.

Alcove units can be made of any furniture material, including the following:

  • Mirrors
  • Wood
  • MDF boards
  • Plywood

Yes, our certified craftsmen will measure the space available at your property and create a bespoke alcove unit that will perfectly fit there.

We offer highly quick crafting and installation services. Our team aims to close every project within 14 days after the order is placed.

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