Fitted Wardrobes in Edgware

Fitted wardrobes are customised wardrobes which are specifically designed to fit into a particular space in your property. They add style and functionality to your space, providing a premium design with maximum storage capacity you will cherish for years.

We provide installation services for custom-fitted wardrobes in Edgware, housing dedicated and friendly team members striving to ensure your convenience. Combining innovative technology with modern design and style, we provide high-quality solutions to bring your ideas into reality. Our experienced professionals craft made-to-measure wardrobes in different sizes, seamlessly fitting them in your indoor space.

The Popularity of Fitted Wardrobes

  • Provides maximum storage capacity in the form of vertical space.
  • Allows for easy fitting around alcoves, sloping ceilings, and uneven walls.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your room, utilising every inch of the available space.
  • Transforms the unused or wasted spaces of your property into functional storage areas.
  • Fulfils your storage requirements, allowing you to utilise the full depth, height, and width of the wardrobe.
  • Provides maximum storage space, helping you keep the surrounding environment well-organised and clutter-free.
  • Offers easy customisability, allowing for easy fitting in your bedroom’s available space.

Make Your Bedrooms Beautiful with Built-In Fitted Wardrobes

Via tailored services, we add a traditional or contemporary touch to your bedroom with built-in fitted wardrobes. We install the latest technology doors, such as sliding mirror wardrobe doors, allowing you to select the style and finish of your choice.

The Process of Fitted Wardrobe Installation

Our experts undertake these steps to complete the fitted wardrobe installation perfectly:

  • Visit your property to record your requirements, budget, and timeline.
  • Measure the space where you intend to install the wardrobe.
  • Make a detailed plan based on your preferences.
  • Draw sketch diagrams to depict how things will look and fit in your property’s available space.
  • Provide a detailed quote by determining all the specifications.
  • Start the work to build and fit the wardrobe to blow life into your envisioned design.

You Choose, We Design

We offer a friendly environment to our clients, allowing them to discuss their preferences and concerns with us openly. Offering you different options, we incorporate your choices related to:

  • Style
  • Finish
  • Colour
  • Knobs
  • Fittings
  • Handles
  • Accessories


Where to Install Fitted Wardrobes?

Based on your unique needs and requirements, we install fitted wardrobes in different rooms, such as:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Home Offices
  • Dressing Rooms, etc.

Fitted wardrobes allow for easy fitting in different spaces, accommodating your special storage needs.

Our Solutions Suit Every Taste & Style

Identifying your unique requirements and ensuring we meet the highest standards, our company experts and specialists come up with the most viable solution. We pride ourselves on providing versatile and cost-effective solutions that come with the following:

  • Seamless Appearance
  • Diverse Bespoke Options
  • Improved Organisation
  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Efficient Use of Available Space

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our registered and licenced wardrobe professionals install drawers, shelves, hanging rails, and specialised compartments in custom-made wardrobes. In this way, we allow you to store a maximum number of things in a well-organised manner.

You can utilise every inch of your wardrobe by storing things most efficiently. For instance, you can use hanging rails, shelves, and compartments to store your garments, folded clothes, and accessories, respectively.

The fitted wardrobes and freestanding wardrobes differ based on their design and installation requirements. A fitted wardrobe can be customised to seamlessly fit any space of your property, efficiently utilising all the available space. Contrarily, a freestanding wardrobe stands alone, which allows for easy moving and placement at any place in the room, offering flexibility and easy relocation.

You can choose to install a specific style of fitted wardrobe in your room based on your preferences and unique taste. If you want to achieve a minimalistic look with added style, you can select a modern wardrobe design; you can enjoy a traditional style with Shaker-styled fitted wardrobe.