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Investing in new home office furniture is necessary to mark the boundary between personal and professional life and enhance productivity and work efficiency. Whether you have a business start-up or want to establish a workspace at home, Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has got you covered with its matchless home office furniture in Birmingham.

From comfortable chairs, exclusive tables, and bookshelves to custom-built smart storage solutions, our designs ensure quality, exclusivity, professional style, and functionality! Each piece of furniture is the embodiment of excellence and expert craftsmanship that passes the test of time. So, connect with the specialists today!

Partner with Our Furniture Experts

At Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes, we offer promising furniture designed to cater to your specialised business needs and work requirements. From designing to seamless fitting and home office installation, our experts will keep you updated at every stage.

  • 16 years of experience
  • Registered and licenced company
  • Premium-quality raw materials
  • 3D furniture visualisation
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • 14-day project completion
  • Luxury colour and style range
  • Biophilic designs

How Can We Create an Ergonomic Office Space?

  • Desks: Minimalistic and sturdy desks with ample storage space to ensure a clutter-free working space. You can also opt for adjustable or moving desks for easy shifting.
  • Sofas & Chairs: From high-quality leather sofas to sleek modern chairs, our sofa and chair range offers lumbar support, adjustable features, and breathable materials that ensure good body posture and optimum efficiency.
  • Storage Solutions: Our custom-built storage solutions ensure that every corner of the office space is fully utilised and turned into a useful storage space, such as a small bookshelf, cabinets, wardrobes, alcove units, and others.
  • Accessories: For spicing up your space and personalising it, we add wood panels, lamps, fixtures, frames, and other biophilic elements.
  • Media/TV Units: To make your board rooms and office highly operational and professional, we add multi-functional media units with built-in lights to add functionality and depth.
  • Design and Installation Services: Our designers will help you create and design a space that aligns with your work goals and requirements, followed by seamless completion and installation.

For any queries or assistance, feel free to connect with our experts or fill out the form to book a consultation appointment.

Explore Our Work Process

  1. Consult: Book an appointment and discuss your needs to get a quote.
  2. Design: Design as per your requirements, vision, and budget.
  3. Visualise: Visualise the finalised design in 3D for peace of mind.
  4. Installation: The furniture is built and installed seamlessly at your place.
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Frequently Asked Questions


We don’t deal with lighting; however, we can add built-in lights within the furniture pieces like desks, bookshelves, and library and within the media units to elevate their visuals and ease their use.

It’s better to invest in new bespoke home office furniture than to buy ready-made furniture pieces for sale as it offers immense benefits, including:

  • Personalised touch
  • Improved productivity
  • More professional environment
  • Added comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Improved posture and health conditions
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Durability

Whether you want our experts to design and craft the furniture for the whole office or you just want to get a single piece of furniture, our services are open in any case.

We aim to complete all the projects within 14 days of order, however, it may vary as per the project demands and scale.