Sliding Wardrobes in Northampton


A wardrobe isn’t only a matter of storage solutions; it can transform your home into a more aesthetic and high-value living space. If your bedroom has limited space, sliding door wardrobes, with their sleek design and modern look, are the best option. Unlike hinged wardrobes, their doors open sideways, saving floor space and offering style.

Transform your bedroom by contacting Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes to install sliding wardrobes in Northampton. We are a registered company in London, offering a wide range of versatile furniture solutions to transform your ideas into reality. Our licenced experts are highly trained to provide prompt and satisfactory services tailored to your requirements.

Types of Sliding Wardrobes

At Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes, we provide a wide range of custom sliding wardrobes, such as:

2-Door Sliding Wardrobes    

It’s the most common and traditional sliding-door wardrobe and is ideal for small bedrooms due to its sleek design. It has ample storage capacity with a minimalist yet sophisticated design.

3-Door Sliding Wardrobes

Suitable for bigger bedrooms, a 3-door sliding wardrobe provides better access to your clothes and accessories. You can customise every door and opt for bold designs to make your living space more exciting and energetic.

Mirrored Wardrobes

These are bifunctional wardrobes offering ample storage and a full-sized mirror. The mirror creates an optical illusion to make your room look wider and adds a curb appeal to it.

Glass Wardrobes

These modern wardrobes offer visibility by displaying your clothes and accessories without opening the doors. If you want to make your bedroom luxurious, glass wardrobes with suitable lighting can do the job.

Paintable Surface Wardrobes

These wardrobes are available in various colours and go well with every bedroom style and design. The door’s surface can serve as a canvas, which you can paint according to your requirements. 

Customise Your Wardrobe with Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Contact us to install a bespoke sliding wardrobe in your living space. Our experienced fitters provide several customisation options for your wardrobes, such as:

Size: You can choose any size based on available space and storage requirements. Our specialists can provide a made-to-measure wardrobe that fits perfectly in your room.

Material: From classic wood to aesthetic glass, you can choose different materials for your wardrobe. The material selection is based on your living space’s indoor design and structure.

Interior: Limitless customisation options are available for the interior of the wardrobe. You can add hanging rods, shoe compartments, shelves, and anything else to organise your accessories in the wardrobe.

Colour: You can choose any colour for your sliding wardrobe that blends perfectly with the room’s design and enhances aesthetic appeal. Cream, grey, black, white, and oak are the trendiest colour options.

Lighting: Customised lighting enhances the display of your wardrobe and makes it easy to locate your clothes and accessories. From built-in LED lights to motion sensor lights, countless lighting options are available for wardrobes.

Doors and Panels: Whether it’s about the number of panels or door material for wardrobes, numerous options are available. You can go with a classic minimalistic door or a multifunctional mirrored door. Similarly, you can choose a sliding mechanism of your choice as well.

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Install Sliding Wardrobe

Install Sliding Wardrobe in Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions


It would be best if you opted for them to get some unrivalled benefits, such as ample storage, enhanced aesthetics, and less use of floor space. They also add value to your living space.

There are no size limits for sliding wardrobes. At Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes, we provide wardrobes of any size to accommodate your requirements.

The cost may vary based on the number of doors, design and material selection, customisation options, and wardrobe size, typically ranging between £1300 and £2600.