Kitchen Fitters in Birmingham

A kitchen is a stage where your culinary fantasies take practical form. That is why it holds a central position in every household. A well-designed and installed kitchen can add significant aesthetic and monetary value to your home and enhance your dining experience. Hence, you will need professionals to design and install your kitchen to ensure its seamless integration into the existing décor.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has a bright service history for kitchen installation in Birmingham, spanning more than 16 years. We house a team of highly experienced professionals with cutting-edge equipment to ensure unmatchable kitchen fitting for our clients. Contact us, and let’s design a head-turning masterpiece for your home.

What Are We Offering?

Kitchen Furniture

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes offers uniquely designed kitchen furniture crafted from premium materials that promise durability and enhanced grandeur. Our designers ensure that the furniture seamlessly harmonises with your kitchen’s décor style.


Our experts ensure that the drawers serve their dual purpose perfectly. They will provide sufficient storage space along with enhanced aesthetics of your kitchen’s interior. Our kitchen installers aim to provide a seamless integration of the joinery for a premium finish.


Whether a classic or contemporary décor style, our team of kitchen fitters will design and install kitchen cabinets that complement your interior and help you de-clutter your kitchen to provide a tidy look.


Shelves help you organise your kitchen by sorting items of daily use in a calculated and decorative pattern. Our experienced team installs bespoke shelves in your kitchen to improve its efficiency and aesthetics.

Kitchen Units

Bulky electrical appliances can hamper your kitchen’s appearance and make it look congested with their mere presence. We help you maintain your kitchen’s beauty and install a kitchen unit to conceal them.


It takes a lot of thought and concern when it comes to this particular kitchen component, as they are the most used element of the kitchen and can significantly increase its functionality. We offer top-quality countertop installations to our clients.

How Do We Work?

  • Contact us through our website or a phone call.
  • Describe your project and any specific requirements you have.
  • A detailed site survey by our specialist will be conducted to gather the required information.
  • A bespoke design will be created, increasing your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality.
  • Custom kitchen installation will be executed by our experts, ensuring an elite-standard finish.

Why Choose Us?

  • 16 years of premium-class furniture services
  • Completely licenced and registered company
  • Top-grade raw materials ensuring durability
  • Highly experienced team of kitchen installers
  • Market-competitive prices for elite products


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Reap the benefits of our 16 years of experience in kitchen installation in Birmingham, and let us transform your kitchen into the signature piece of your home. Our experts design sublime kitchen interiors customised to your style and taste. Contact us, and let’s take a leap towards your new kitchen.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The time required to install a new kitchen depends on the nature and scope of the project. However, the average time required to install a kitchen may fall between 1-4 weeks.

Depending upon various factors, such as materials, complexity, and size, the average cost of a kitchen installation can fall somewhere around £7,000.

Yes, we are a fully licenced and registered company with a staggering experience of over 16 years in the field. Our team possesses the highest level of skillset required to carry out a bespoke kitchen installation.