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Bespoke Furniture Manufacturers In London

Know as the “Big Smoke,” London is the third most populated city in the United Kingdom, with more than 9 million people. Being one of the world’s greatest cosmopolitan cities, London has a variety of museums, shops, and restaurants. The city is also known for its high standard of living and its love for art and architecture. One thing that’s common among most Londoners is their love for home interior designing. Lucky for you, Ranauta Interior is here to make all your home design dreams come true!

Trending Home Design Themes

Your home design isn’t just a compilation of furniture, décor, lighting and accessories; in fact, it’s a reflection of style and the way you design it that gives it its signature look. Learning about some of the most popular styles will help you understand what theme stands out to you and meet your inner creative genius if you’re new to home design.

Contemporary Design and Furniture

Let’s begin with one of the most popular and diverse decorating styles. Essentially, contemporary style is based on simplicity, clean lines, sophistication and deliberate use of texture.

The furniture you choose should be bold enough to make a statement but simple and uncluttered at the same time. Stay away from extra curvy or decorated pieces. Elements to look out for are geometric shapes and smooth, clean finishes. Less is more! When choosing sofas, chairs, or ottomans, go for ones that have exposed legs. Cushions that have clean geometric shapes will work best.

Classic Design and Furniture

If you’re a fan of vintage elements, then the classical design will be your best bet. This is a beautiful blend of Roman and Greek interior design that focuses on balance and harmony. Decorating your home in a classical style simply means bringing it closer to earlier periods like Victorian, Rococo or other trending design eras. Classical interior design has a charm of its own and certainly never goes out of style.

In terms of furniture selection and arrangement, think symmetry. Focus on creating mirror images, like identical sofas facing each other with a coffee table between. Classic style furniture typically includes detailing like inlays and carved legs. Ornate detailing that’s influenced by floral art is also popular. Regarding furniture fabrics, texture, subtle patterns, stripes and block colours are things to look out for. The key to working your way around the room is by focusing on the large pieces of furniture first. Then you can add accessories and other décor elements.

Traditional Design and Furniture

This design style is based largely on 18th- and 19th-century European styles. It’s timeless, comfortable and sophisticated.

The furniture and décor used in traditional rooms are inspired by history and have a familiar look. For example, a neutral colour scheme, carved wood, upholstered headboards, chest of drawers, upholstered armchairs and ottomans are common traditional furniture.

Now that you’ve seen how each style varies, you can choose one that fits your interests best. In terms of furniture, Ranauta Interiors have got you covered. We’ve got a massive range of bespoke furniture available in contemporary, classic, and traditional styles.


No More Boring Kitchens

How says you have to have plain boring kitchens. These days, people love revamping their kitchen to fit their style. You can check out our kitchen furniture or explain your ideas to our consultants. Our team will help to find furniture that’ll make your kitchen come to life. Combining a trendy kitchen with soft closing drawers and space-saving storage options will give you a functioning yet beautiful kitchen.

Host your parties and holiday dinners without worrying about cleaning. Out glossy finish makes it convenient for you to serve your guests and keep everything clean. Our kitchen furniture is designed so that it works with all kinds of furnishing and fittings, making it convenient for you to install new furniture without needing to replace the fittings.

Snuggle In Comfy Living Spaces

Make the most out of your lounge by installing our TV units. We offer standard, suspend, and glass TV units. Combining that with our custom shelves and drawers, you can create a comfortable and relaxing environment. You can even add a few decorative pieces on the shelves to complement the rest of your furniture.

A well-designed living room is great if you’re someone that likes to host guests frequently. It makes for a great first impression.

Comfortable Office Essentials

Make the most of your small office space and give your employees a comfortable and friendly work environment. Check out some of our office furniture that’s designed keeping in mind the needs of the workers. Our office-styles shelves and drawers are sure to help your employees organise their work easily.

Always In The Budget

The best thing about all of our furniture is that no matter what style you prefer, you’ll find options for it within your budget. Whether it’s colours, materials, finishing, or design, you can discuss with our consultants, and they’ll guide you along the way. Once you’re done selecting the designs, our creative team will reach out to you to take the measurements for the furniture. Within the next 14 days, you’ll have your furniture properly installed and ready to use. Visit our website today and book an appointment now!