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Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe has been operating in the UK for more than 16 years now. We provide high-quality services of fitted office furniture through our experienced team, who craft fully custom-made furniture uniquely designed for your house and taste.

We can guarantee that no one else’s home office furniture pattern is the same as yours. No such thing as paying additional costs; get in touch with our certified crew today for a free design consultation. For over £2000, our company provides a 50% limited-period discount on almost every order.

What We Offer in Home Office Installation?

Our experts offer multiple design options for home office installation, including customised furniture or made-to-measure solutions according to your preferences.

Fitted Home Office Furniture: We provide office space that is largely composed of informative, futuristic fitted furniture characterised by freshened built-in storage, pristine polished concrete, a tidy office design, and a finish.

Luxury Home Office: Our luxury home office showcases the effect of shaker-style furniture where office equipment neatly fits. In contrast, doors and drawers close to cover all the equipment blocks are ideal for both fashion and practice.

Multi-functional Home Office: The hybrid live-work area is transformed into a stylish, accountable area. Its built-in desk, open storage, and media unit are there to promote a healthy work-life balance and a formal working atmosphere.

Bespoke Home Library and Office: Customised office room and library concept integrates trendy yet functional characteristics, while forms and other creative storage ideas beautifully blend in any other decor style in an unintended manner.

Under Stairs Office: The exquisitely designed flexible under-stairs office, when carefully positioned in a tight space, is equipped with custom-made storage cabinets, double tangent storage, and a desk. Thus, it achieves a beautiful overall office look that is easily scaled in a variety of finishes and colours.

Contemporary Home Office Furniture: The modern home office furniture is finished with a fine yet simple design in a rustic wood shade. It provides storage, a handy presentation area, a media setup, and even a hot beverage station.

Hidden Home Office Furniture Design: This multipurpose and compact retractable furniture has open shelves, inbuilt storage spaces, and a beautifully coloured and unique design. It provides you with a hidden home office to bring the architecture together with life.

What Sets Us Apart?

Expertise in fitted office furniture: Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has 16 years of expertise and operates as a registered and licenced company, meaning that all furniture in our collection comes with impeccable quality in all the top-notch products we offer.

Tailored Solutions for Your Space: Our team of certified specialists makes whole structures tailor-made for your house. Look forward not only to exquisite pieces that fit your taste but also to custom designs that satisfy your needs.

Diverse Range of Installation Options: We can help you with either from home offices you only have your dreams to one that is fully functional; our products will meet the custom requirements, including built-in, made-to-measure, and bespoke design, ending up with an office space that is your type and interest.

Maximising Space Efficiency: We have designed space-saving installations like our under-the-stairs offices and hidden office furniture. They are carefully crafted to fit available space without compromising on style and functionality.

Book a Free Consultation Design Visit

During our complimentary in-home 3D design consultation, we offer fashionable storage furniture according to your design choices.

Our objective could be to create either a custom home office or made-to-measure furniture. It ensures that certain types of built-in furniture are crafted with multi-functional storage spaces, delivering both theatrical flair and practicality.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Furniture for your home office should blend in with other rooms rather than calling attention to itself as a "soulless cubicle." If you have the room, warm wood, soft, comfortable seats, or a couch, are perfect for a traditional-styled home. Modern metal furniture or creative elements can be seen in a contemporary home office.

Select a look, feel, and colour palette that embodies your business's mission and core values. The atmosphere in your workspace should influence your productivity. Let's say you want a minimalist style. To prevent clutter, keep the number of pieces of furniture in your office to a minimum.

Establish Visual Equilibrium. To create a sense of equilibrium in the room, distribute visual weight throughout. For example, avoid having all of your furniture in one corner of the room and leaving the other end empty of all furnishings and a blank wall. You can also use your furnishings to achieve a sense of balance.

Desks and chairs are vital components of an office environment. Chairs with movable headrests, backrests, seat depth, and stability are excellent for increasing productivity. Pair them with work desks that can be adjusted in height to prepare your bullpen.

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