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MDF Cut to Size in London

A well-designed piece of furniture can make or break the look of your home. When it comes to furniture, Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes is the choice of many. We provide customised furniture solutions in the UK to induce new life into your interior.

From kitchen to bedrooms, media units, cut and edge services, alcove units, and wardrobe transformation, we do it all! Our MDF cutting services are for residential as well as commercial projects.

We are registered and licenced, so you don’t have to worry about trusted solutions! With over 16 years of experience, we have decorated several homes with bespoke products and are quick enough to complete every project within 2 weeks of booking! Get your hands on our matchless service for your MDF cut to size in London and enjoy the taste of uniqueness and royalty!

Our MDF Cut to Size Service Is Unparalleled!

The secret to premium furniture is fine quality and precisely cut boards! Our cut-and-edge services are known for their precision, details, and superior quality!

MDF is made primarily from the shavings of hardwood and softwood, which are turned into wooden fibres combined using paraffin wax and resin binder. It’s an excellent choice for DIY projects; however, many people end up wasting the boards as it’s hard to cut and messy. 

We at Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes have been efficiently cutting MDF sheets in customised measurements and shapes. Our specialists use cutting-edge tools to measure the board meticulously and cut it precisely! Whether you want to cut it for furniture, flooring, shelving, cabinets, countertops or doors and walls, you name it, and we do it for you.

Types of MDF Boards

We offer various premium-quality boards available in different MDF types. We can cut them according to the required measurements, shapes and sizes and can even help you choose the best type for your project!

· Ultralight MDF

Ultralight MDF has less density than the rest of the types, making it weigh one-third of the standard MDF and is excellent for weight-saving projects. They have smooth surfaces and come with reduced tool wear, making them ideal for laminating, painting and other types of treatments.

· Standard MDF Wood

Standard or regular MDF weighs heavier than plywood and requires care as it is prone to scratches and chipping on the corners. They have less elasticity and are stiff in nature. They are popular in dark brown and tan colours available in varying thicknesses.

· Coloured MDF

If you want a pop of colour and contrast in your interior, we recommend using coloured MDF. They have the same qualities as standard MDF. They are sound absorbent, fire- and moisture-resistant and have consistent colour texture. They are a perfect option for furniture and decoration of interior space.

· Fire-Retardant MDF

Due to their fire resistance properties, they make their best use in kitchens, cabinets and areas around stoves or ovens. They have the speciality of slowing down the fire, hence making them a safe option for residential and commercial projects.

· Bendy MDF

For curved walls and trims, they are the perfect option due to their elasticity and flexibility. They have their applications in wavy wall designs, window displays, customised ceiling designs, shelves, curved reception desks, and more.

· Moisture-Resistant MDF

Due to their moisture resistance, they are highly preferred in moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms or floorings. However, they still require care as they are not waterproof. 

· Exterior Grade MDF

It’s a great choice for outdoor work because of its intense durability and strength. It is moisture resistant, has high screw-holding capacity, termite and bug resistance, and has uniform thickness for a superior finish.

We Are the Best in the Industry!

Quick and efficient experts offering 14 days of quick delivery of MDF cut to size for each project!

Experienced professionals guaranteeing exquisite-quality boards for durable furniture and other needs.

Use of cutting-edge tools, each selected wisely for different types and thicknesses of boards to get the desired shape, sharpness, and precision. 

Availability of all board types, turning them into any design you want! You can also bring your boards, and we can cut to shape for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


MDF means Medium Density Fibreboard. It’s a popular board usually used for DIY projects due to its ready-to-paint quality, smooth surface, and fine finish. However, it’s hard to cut it by yourself so it requires a professional service to cut it using specialised tools, which is known as MDF cutting.

Yes, we can cut different types of boards like plywood, softwood, natural hardwood, or any other material for commercial or residential projects at reasonable costs.

Yes, alongside cutting, we can also provide you with high-quality board materials. However, if you are satisfied with buying it yourself, you can do it too! We can cut those according to the required shape and size.

MDF is composed of 82% wood fibre, 9% formaldehyde resin glue, 8% water, and paraffin wax. Their thickness may vary from 3mm to 50mm!