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Upgrade Your Bedroom with Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Get the most perfect and sophisticated bedside tables in Birmingham to upgrade your bedroom with custom and built-in modern bedside tables, expertly designed by licenced specialists for a perfect fit in your dream space.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes are the leading experts in the field of furniture, providing the highest quality bedside tables that will make your bedroom aesthetically great. Pick our one-of-a-kind offer for your order exceeding £2000 – enjoy a 50% discount.

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Versatile Options in Bedside Tables

Our company specialises in furniture and fixtures for the hospitality, leisure, and care sectors. With more than a decade of expertise, our team happily assists various establishments in optimising their indoor and outdoor places with a broad range of products and advice.

You will get a range of options with our custom bedside tables in Birmingham, including:

  • Aesthetic enhancement: Our bedside tables offer a variety of options to suit different tastes as well as styles, coming with varying finishes to complement your bedroom’s décor.
  • Personalisation: Add decorative touches to your bedside table, including framed photos, plants, or pieces of artwork, to express your individuality.
  • Different sizes and colours: Find our range of sleek bedside tables with an extensive array of sizes and colours that can be adjusted to fit your distinctive style and bedroom outlook.
  • Luxury: Experience the best type of luxury through our custom-designed bedside tables made of high-end materials to add a touch of style to the bedroom ambience.

Discover What Sets Us Apart

  • Custom Craftsmanship: Our speciality includes handmade bedside tables designed for your space by licenced professionals.
  • Free Design Consultation: Receive design consultation services and customised designs free of charge.
  • Wide Product Range: Pick from the style of modern, traditional, and luxurious bedside tables to go with your preferred interior.
  • Competitive Pricing: We emphasise transparent pricing structure while sustaining premium quality.
  • Exclusive Offers: Take advantage of a 50% discount if you order above £2000!

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Turn your bedroom into a gorgeous one with our well-crafted bedside tables! Visit us today for a free expert design consultation, and together, we will find the best-fitting solution for your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A bedside table constructed of premium or high-quality materials will cost a lot more than one made of ordinary or less expensive ones. Consider the typical pricing disparity between furniture made of veneer and solid wood, plastic and stone or marble, and so forth.

The choice to have a bedside table in your bedroom comes down to personal taste, available space, and financial constraints. At the same time, nightstands have indisputable advantages in terms of style, storage, and convenience.

Consider a silver or white bedside table to complete the ensemble if your bedding is dark in colour. You have more choices if you choose a lighter colour scheme. Traditional cream or white nightstands are also an option, as are variations made of coloured or dark wood.