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Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes offers bespoke media units in London, which can be designed in any colour, style, and texture of your choice. Add a wow factor with exclusively customised products with open mirror shelves, LED lights, and other accessories. We take a highly innovative approach to designing standout TV media units that artfully complement your property’s interior theme.

The Process of Designing Bespoke TV Media Units

We design made-to-measure TV and media units in London as per your requirements and preferences, incorporating all the essential features by following these steps:

  • Recording the dimensions of the room and the TV by taking necessary measurements.
  • Creating a 3D model and ensuring the unit fits flawlessly in the available space.
  • Adding storage features, such as cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc., according to your demand.
  • Including an integrated cable management system for neat organisation of cables and cords and keeping them out of sight.
  • Consulting you regarding the type of material to be used, such as glass, metal, wood, etc.
  • Designing and installing the custom TV media unit with a perfect finish that goes well with your room’s aesthetics.

This streamlined process helps our certified professionals to create a media unit that suits your needs, incorporating storage features that enhance its functionality.

Get Various Style Options at Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

We help you add an exquisite and sleek look to your lounge or media room by creating a tailored TV unit with the finest finish. From a Shaker-style or fitted media unit to the varying number of drawers, we adapt our design according to your vision.

Add a classic or contemporary look with our traditional or chic designs. Adorn the unit with books, decorative displays, pictures, or side lamps to reflect your style and taste. Our licenced experts strive to incorporate your ideas to produce a distinctive unit for your property, paying keen attention to intricate details.

Book our services and add a sophisticated touch to your living room.

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Talk about your vision and let our experts pitch in their creativity to curate a perfect TV media unit for your living room. With bespoke design and style options, our company assists you in getting a perfect unit that fits your space sublimely. We also offer installation services for media units to ensure everything goes in place the way it should.

Get your media units in London, exclusively customised at cost-effective rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We can add overhead cupboards, side cabinets, or side shelves according to your requirements and preferences. This way, we help you fulfil your storage requirements by providing maximum space and capacity for storing different things.

You can get drawers or adjustable shelves installed in your media unit which can be used for different storage purposes. Items of different sizes can be stored conveniently by adjusting the height, such as cleaning supplies, DVDs, gaming controllers, remote controls, and speakers, among others.

A media unit helps to keep your television set secure for a longer time. It reduces the risk of collapse or damage due to nearby incidents. Thus, when taken care of properly, a media unit helps protect your TV for longer.

A perfect finish is essential for completing the look of a media unit. You can get this unit’s finish in a high gloss, matte, or rustic appearance, depending on your preferences and the room’s interior design.