Fitted Wardrobes in Uxbridge

Add a personalised touch to your space with our fitted bedroom wardrobe! Our wardrobes offer the dual benefits of functionality and adding a unique statement to your space.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes is an experienced and licenced company that has been serving the industry for more than 16 years. Our specialists spend hours and days meticulously designing each piece to meet the requirements of your space. Our attention to detail, precision, material quality, and custom designs have made us stand out in the industry.

We are a registered company offering myriad services, including bespoke furniture designs for your bedrooms, kitchens, media units, and home offices! So, if you are looking for fitted wardrobes in Uxbridge, contact us right away!

Trendy Fitted Wardrobe Ideas

We provide popular wardrobe options:

Fitted Wardrobes in Alcoves

Alcoves may make your space look awkward, but with fitted wardrobes, you can turn them into a beautiful, functional space. The best part is that these types of wardrobes can be fitted in different sizes and shapes!

Over-Bed Wardrobes

They are a great option to utilise the floor space smartly. These types of built-in wardrobes can go from either side of the bed to up and over the bed’s headspace. They are best for congested places, making your room look pretty and optimising storage.

Walk-In Fitted Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe is a charm for almost everyone and is a great idea if you have an extra space or a room. They give immense storage and privacy, add value, and you can play with designs and settings as much as you want!

Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobes

For rooms with high ceilings, this type of fitted wardrobe is the best option! They make the best use of the extra space, require low maintenance, and provide increased storage and aesthetics.

Wall-to-Wall Wardrobes

For maximum space usage and a smooth finish, these wardrobes cover the entire wall length. They offer diverse interior and exterior looks, materials, and colour choices. They are also an excellent choice for congested places as they give the illusion of a larger space.

Fitted Wardrobes Are A Great Asset!

Here are some key benefits of investing in fitted wardrobes in Uxbridge:

  • Ample space for storage
  • Custom-fitted wardrobes
  • Great organising solution
  • Added value
  • Wide range of options
  • A statement piece for your interior
  • Integrated lighting option
  • Efficient maintenance
  • Long-term durability

Highest Quality, Reasonable Pricing!

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes Is A First-Rate Choice!

We are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor furniture services.

  • Over the span of 16 years, our experts have embedded creativity, skills, and experience in each project to reach the point we are at today!
  • We have a range of luxury services, designs, and colours to meet your requirements at a reasonable price.
  • We help you visualise the finished results before design finalisation to ensure your peace of mind with the help of our 3D visualisation technique.
  • You name it, we do it. We have countless ideas and bespoke solutions for everyone!
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Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on the size, complexity, and type of fitted wardrobe you are choosing. A typical fitted wardrobe consisting of 3-4 cabinets with an average height of 2.5-3 metres takes a day to two to make and install.

It depends on your budget and requirements. However, we recommend using an entire cabinet wardrobe. It has myriad benefits, including a nice look, durability, and protection of clothes from mould and wall dampness. 

It’s always about the specifications and requirements of the project; however, it may cost you, on average, £550-£750 per linear metre.