Floor Standing TV Stand

A well-crafted floor standing TV stand can instantly become a captivating décor element of any space. Whether contemporary or modern, these TV stands offer a diverse range of designs and styles to match any existing interior design. However, it takes a true craftsman to create such a piece of art out of raw material, and that is what we aim to achieve at Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes.

In business for over 16 years, our company is known for carving out masterpieces that can rule any interior style with their majestic presence. Let’s get connected to discuss your requirements and craft a tailor-designed TV stand for you.

Why Invest in TV Floor Stands?

  • Come with adjustable height for optimal viewing from different seating positions.
  • Sturdy with evenly distributed weight, minimising the wobbling effect.
  • An aesthetic enhancement that adds class and style to the room’s décor.
  • Offer easy installation and mounting procedure without drilling.
  • Mounting plate option giving a wall-mount appearance without wall drilling.
  • Offer flexibility owing to their moveability, which is ideal for rearranging furniture for rented spaces.

Select Your Preferred TV Stand Design

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has a team of creative and innovative craftsmen, allowing it to offer a versatile and cost-effective range of designs and different sizes to match your preferences. Here are a few creative ideas to help you:

Open shelving design comes with a central frame that holds multiple shelves, a popular choice for those who like to conserve space and desire a less obtrusive living area.

Console design with abundant surface area and multiple open or closed shelves offers a holistic, rectangular shape.

Stand with audio towers is a modular form of TV stand with two tall shelves, offering the look of a complete entertainment centre.

The hutch design incorporates cabinets or shelves stacked on a horizontal surface. With the TV space in the middle, it is surrounded by cabinets or shelves.

The corner TV stand is perfect for optimising space in smaller rooms, offering space for TV along with shelves or cabinets for storage.

Cabinet-styled TV stand offers a fully enclosed TV space with cabinetry and drawers, allowing you to hide your TV when not in use.

Swivel TV stand comes with a rotating platform, presenting an option to adjust the TV’s angle for better visibility.

Floating TV stand is a wall-mounted stand with significant floating storage to provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.

Entertainment centre offers artful detailing with extensive storage and shelving capacity, giving it a massive presence in the room.

Every Style to Match Your Room’s Décor

We can create any style out of any design to ensure your TV stand harmonises seamlessly with your existing décor. Our well-crafted TV stands will immediately become the focal point of your room’s interior design. We are offering:

  • Contemporary Style TV Stands
  • Traditional Style TV Stands
  • Modern Style TV Stands
  • Rustic Style TV Stands
  • Industrial Style TV Stands

Why Choose Us?

  • More than 16 years of creating innovative furniture designs.
  • A fully licenced and registered furniture manufacturer.
  • Swift and reliable furniture delivery system in the UK.
  • Top-quality raw materials to ensure endurance and sturdiness.
  • Certified and creative specialists to provide bespoke fabrication.
  • A complete package of services from design to installation.
  • Diverse catalogue of furniture services to accommodate your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions


TV stands can be crafted from the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

The height of the TV stand depends on the sight angle of the viewers and their distance from the screen. You can measure the distance from the bottom of the stand to the average sightline of the viewer, minus half of the TV’s height from it, to get a suitable height for your TV stand.

Yes, they are specifically designed to accommodate TVs. That is why they have specific spaces and compartments to conceal the cabling and wiring.

Our aim is to craft and deliver every order within 14 days of initial order placement.