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If you are looking for the installation of a bespoke fitted wardrobe in London, then you have come to the right place!

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has extensive years of experience crafting unique and compelling fitted wardrobes, providing friendly and fast services to all clients. Our experienced specialists ensure to deliver the best types of wardrobes that meet your requirements and fit perfectly in the existing décor. Our company has a fully licenced and registered team of carpenters and decorators who strive to bring the best for you.

We undertake a detailed inspection of your property and provide you with professional advice regarding the most suitable place for installing a fitted wardrobe. Our experts ensure to complete the work with minimum disruptions, striving to protect your floor from any damage and cleaning up all the mess from your property before they leave.

Designed to Please, Made to Last

With a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Functionality Maximised
  • Seamless Fitting in Room
  • Customised Storage Solution
  • Neatly Organised Belongings
  • Tranquil Bedroom Environment
  • A Luxury Touch in Your Property
  • Improved Indoor Design & Lifestyle
  • Every Centimetre of Space Efficiently Utilised

Maximise your bedroom’s square footage with our customised fitted wardrobe solutions.

We Design & Install Fitted Wardrobes

Whatever design and style interests you for fitted furniture in London, you can trust our expert designers and installers to make your ideas a reality:


  • Our experts inspect your property and assess the unique specifications for creating a functional wardrobe that meets your requirements.
  • We design and install fitted wardrobes, ensuring they fit perfectly in the available space and fulfil your preferences of style with a high-end finish.
  • Our specialists cut every needed piece offsite before the installation, reducing the amount of mess at your home and ensuring minimum disruptions at your property.
  • We ensure that every wardrobe design provides the utmost functionality to our customers, whether it is a traditional Victorian or a modern fitted wardrobe.
  • Our professionals can craft a classic fitted wardrobe and add clean lines to give it a touch of contemporary style, allowing you to cherish the design for years.

Get the best solution to accommodate your belongings by using every wardrobe shelf to its full potential.

From Traditional to Contemporary Designs, We Cover All

The friendly services, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality work are the sources of attraction due to which customers keep returning to our company. Our experts are always here to provide the required assistance to clients regarding the design of custom-built bedroom furniture or built-in wardrobe in London.

Contact us and get your fitted wardrobe in London curated by our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Fitted wardrobes are perfect for bedrooms in London as they fit into every alcove and corner of the bedroom walls, leaving no gaps or dead space between the ceiling or walls and the wardrobe. In this way, you can use every inch of your bedroom’s space to store your belongings in a well-organised and safe manner.

The carpenters work to install, assemble, and fit all the wardrobe units at your property. Then painters start their work to fill the screw halls and all gaps with wood filler and sand down the rough edges to prepare the surface and achieve a perfect quality finish. After that, they apply a few coats of paint to give your wardrobe a final look.

Fitted wardrobes can be made in different sizes. The process starts with precise measurements of the available space and preparing design drawings. When the client approves those drawings, the construction phase starts, and then the fitted wardrobe is installed at your property.

In a fitted wardrobe, you can get dedicated compartments designed to accommodate all your belongings. When specifying your requirements, you can tell our designers the number of compartments required for storing your clothes, shoes, and other accessories.