Kitchen Fitters in Harrow

Kitchen fitting seems like fun at the start, but with time, it can become a stressful job when you have to perform sleek finishes or select the appropriate design and colours. Professional kitchen fitters are trained to perform decent finishes and efficient installations.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes has a team of specialists who are experienced in performing swift kitchen installations in Harrow. With over 16 years of experience, we aim to provide a high level of customer satisfaction using our advanced pieces of equipment and techniques.

Critical Regulations Prior to Fitting Kitchen

Our experts advise adhering to several important regulations and building codes when fitting kitchens.

  • The first thing is to check with the local building department to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations and obtain any necessary permits.
  • Confirm that the electrical system of your kitchen meets the required regulations, such as properly sized wiring, outlets, and dedicated circuits.
  • If you require plumbing updates or appliances in the kitchen, it is vital to adhere to plumbing regulations. Our licenced and registered installers will look into guidelines related to water supply lines and drainage systems.
  • Proper ventilation is crucial in a kitchen for the removal of cooking fumes and excess moisture. Our company makes sure that the kitchen has suitable ventilation systems.
  • Kitchens are prone to fire hazards, and compliance will involve installing fire-resistant materials and fire suppression systems like extinguishers or sprinklers.
  • Your kitchen needs to have proper accessibility for people with disabilities. We will comply with it by installing countertops and appliances with appropriate height requirements, if needed.
  • The most important factor is to consider the health and safety of the owner and ensure a hygienic kitchen environment. It includes food handling, storage, and waste disposal.

Days You Need to be Present for Your Custom Kitchen Installation

Our specialists recommend your presence at your home during your bespoke kitchen installation. However, we understand today’s busy life and suggest being at the site only on the days below.

  • We suggest presence on the first day of our services, where our kitchen fitters in Harrow will start with the work. It will give you a chance to make an introduction to our experts and provide any critical information regarding the changes.
  • The day of your kitchen unit installation is a good chance to catch up on the progress and discuss any necessary details before the installation of kitchen cabinets.
  • The last day of your kitchen unit installation is the best day to connect with our kitchen fitters in Harrow to discuss any required changes before the final sign-off day.
  • If our experts are required to fit kitchen tops according to the provided template, then it is best that you are present at the site to ensure the proper fittings according to the picture you had in mind.
  • The most important day is when your fitted kitchen in Harrow is ready, and you need to be there for the final checks and confirm that everything is fitted according to your requirements.

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Get in touch with our experienced kitchen fitters in Harrow if you require professionals to handle your kitchen with personalised service, attention to detail, and a smooth installation process. Our experts are waiting to facilitate cost-efficient services without compromising on the quality of our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Some of the steps that need to be followed for effective kitchen fitting include:

  • Getting in touch with our specialists.
  • Crafting of bespoke designs by our experts.
  • Important preparations performed.
  • Professionals performing kitchen fitting.
  • Final touches done.

Our list of services includes:

  • Installing customised kitchen cabinetry.
  • Providing furniture that is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Advancements in the kitchen, such as state-of-the-art appliances.

The general fittings in the kitchen, such as cupboards, cabinets, and doors, will not require planning permission. If you are making changes to gas or water lines in your kitchen, you will require approval under building regulations.

The kitchen fitting time depends on the scale of the changes to your kitchen and your selected professionals for the job. However, the average time is calculated between three to five days.