Fitted Wardrobes in Reading

Complete Your Room’s Look with a Fitted Wardrobe

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes houses an experienced and skilled team of joiners offering installation services for high-quality custom-fitted wardrobes in Reading. Our specialists offer bespoke design options to match the available space, allowing you to use every nook and cranny for storage purposes. Taking care of every aspect from initial consultation to completion, our licenced experts stay in touch with you throughout the process.

We take precise measurements to design perfect built-in fitted wardrobes.

Why Choose a Custom-Built Fitted Wardrobe?

Bespoke Storage Solution

You can get a tailored storage solution in the form of a customised fitted wardrobe designed as per your unique storage needs and requirements. With bespoke storage, you also have the option to add accessories drawers, shoe compartments, hanging rails, shelves, etc., according to your preference.

Efficient Space Usage

A customised fitted wardrobe even fits in awkward spaces that would otherwise remain unutilised. In this way, you get increased storage space by utilising every inch of the available space that covers all cuts and edges perfectly.

Appealing to the Eye

You can get your fitted wardrobes customised according to the indoor design and style. There are a variety of choices in terms of colours, designs, materials, and finishes, allowing you to add an aesthetic element to your property that reflects your style and taste.


We use premium-quality materials to make custom-fit wardrobes that last a lifetime. Our designs are flexible and versatile, curated with utmost care, and they efficiently withstand daily wear and tear.

Our wardrobes are built to last, allowing you to cherish them for years.

What to Expect from Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes?

You get a superb variety of bedroom furniture, wardrobes and fitted furniture in Reading from our professionals who have a huge range of options regarding wardrobes’ door designs, handles, materials, and finishing. Our specialist fitters visit your property to take measurements and record your preferences concerning the colour, material, and style of your wardrobe. We also offer expert advice, suggesting a storage solution that perfectly complements your home’s interior design.

We make your home look great!

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Our registered company ensures each piece of wardrobe is crafted to high standards of workmanship. We have designed different types of wardrobes in different sizes over the years, providing flawless storage spaces to clients. Whatever style or design you want for your wardrobe, our professionals offer perfect solutions at cost-effective rates.

Get our immaculately designed luxury-fitted wardrobes in Reading today!

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A customised fitted wardrobe is made of high-quality materials and adds a perfect aesthetic element to your property, making it stand out from the rest. This ultimately enhances your property’s resale value, making it a source of attraction for potential buyers.

Almost any material of your choice can be suitably used to design a fitted wardrobe in the available space at your property. Real wood, hardwood veneer, medium-density fireboard, laminates, etc., can easily be used for this purpose.

Angled wardrobes easily fit in alcoves, awkward cuts, and sloping roofs in your property, converting them into valuable storage spaces.

The cost of a fitted wardrobe can vary from £1950 to £3270 based on the style of its doors, internal specifications, and the layout of your room.