Professional Tips to Manage Your Sliding Wardrobes


Installing sliding wardrobes is a straightforward way to add more storage. They are available in various colours and styles that suit your bedroom’s style, such as mirrored doors, paint finishes, wood frames, etc.

No matter how, there are still some problems that may arise, just as there are problems with any furniture in the house, so we’re going to talk about how to keep your sliding wardrobes in optimal condition.

Regular Maintenance

You can minimise the sliding problem with your wardrobe doors and keep them looking great for a long time if you clean and maintain them daily. Regular maintenance will keep you informed of any signs of wear or damage. Through this, you will know better if you need to tighten any loose screws or replace all damaged or broken parts to keep your sliding wardrobe in good condition and increase its lifespan.

Adding Rollers

Adding rollers to the doors of your sliding wardrobe allows you to slide them easily which reduces the overall wear and tear of the doors. However, if you find that your door is stuck and requires high force to slide, you may need to clean your rollers and oil them.

The dirty rollers can prevent the doors from opening, which may result in trouble. If you’re going to solve the problem, you will need to clean them immediately. Moreover, you can add new ones if the rollers are rusty or damaged due to time-lapse.

Wheel Alignment of Your Wardrobes

If you want it to work correctly, your wardrobe’s door wheels must be aligned perfectly on the sliding track. Otherwise, you won’t be able to open or close your closet doors.

The fundamental reasons behind this are the screws that hold the door wheels and track together have become fall or loose over time. That’s why you should realign your wardrobe door by simply tightening the screw or replace if any is missing. To help them move more quickly, you can also apply some lubrication to the rollers.

slide wardrobe

Cracked Glass of Wardrobes

If your glass window breaks, we recommend leaving it to experts for professional cleaning and repair instead of putting yourself in danger.

Most repairs are straightforward, and there’s no need for a large budget, but some repairs can be very complex and require a more professional hand. Remember that it may be more expensive and risky if you start repairing your project independently.

The professional way to keep the sliding wardrobe doors from problems is to install high-quality productivity, that last longer and stand up to wear.

Measure and Plan

You need to know precisely the available space so that the sliding wardrobe is installed correctly and doesn’t hinder doors or furniture. Take into account the size, width and depth of the closet and whether there will be a mirror or panel door.


Installing sliding wardrobes enhances storage and adds style to your wardrobes. While these wardrobes offer convenience, issues like dirty rollers or misaligned wheels can arise. Proper maintenance of these wardrobes is crucial, such as adding rollers, aligning wheels, and addressing cracked glass. Opting for high-quality, durable wardrobes is a wise decision to avoid many complications.

At the Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe company, our experts are ready to assist you with advice and quality products to ensure the long-lasting functionality of your sliding wardrobes. Contact us for professional guidance in maintaining your wardrobe investment.

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