Bedside Tables in Reading

Choose The Best Custom Bedside Tables with Experts

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes offers modern bedside tables in Reading in a range of different designs.

With years of experience working in the industry, our licenced experts have all the knowledge to help you choose the most suitable custom bedside tables for your room. Our registered specialists take the following factors into account to assist you in making the right purchase that provides value for your invested money:

Table Height

Understanding the importance of proportions to design a perfect bedside table that complements your bed height, our professionals provide guidance concerning the optimum height of the table for your bedroom. We ascertain that the table is easily accessible when you stand near the bed or reach over for a glass of water while you are lying in bed.

Space Requirement

We help you choose the most suitable bedside table design depending on your storage space and surface area requirements. For this purpose, our experts assess the available space in your bedroom and provide the best solution that flawlessly fulfils your needs. You can get storage space for placing books in the drawers and using the top surface as a study area, having a two-in-one luxury piece of furniture in your room.

Symmetry Needs

Our specialists add an eye-appealing effect to your bedroom by suggesting the placement of two bedside tables, one on either side of a double bed, to add symmetry. Two tables of the same size, colour, and design placed beside your bed make the environment of your bedroom harmonious with a uniform look. You can also place matching lamps or other decoration pieces on both tables to embellish your room as per your taste and style.

Decorative Essentials

Our company professionals suggest different ways to add a personalised touch to your bedroom by placing decorative items on bedside tables that go well with the interior design and theme of your space. You can decorate these tables with an alarm clock, books, fresh flowers, picture frames, or any other decoration piece that makes your bedroom look unique and serene.

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Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes offers diverse storage furniture pieces, such as chests of drawers, fitted wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, bedside tables, and more, at cost-effective rates. We ensure each of the storage pieces we deliver is flawlessly designed and adds a unique look wherever installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


You can decorate your side table to make your bedroom more welcoming by placing anything you like. An alarm clock, books, ceramic vases, notepad and pen, picture frames, small tray or basket, reading lamp, tissue box, scented candles, water bottle, etc. – anything can be placed according to your needs and unique taste.

You can add a flat look to your bedroom by placing side tables of the same size or making it look dynamic with side tables of varying heights. The tall ones create a high impact, and the small ones add a sense of balance and calmness to your bedroom.

Different types of materials are used for making bedside tables, such as wood, mirrored glass, metal, etc. You should place side tables in your bedroom based on the type of material used in your bed to make your space look seamless and complementary.

You should carefully choose the colour for your bedside tables for an ideal arrangement. You can add a striking contrast against dark cabinetry with light hues or create highlights with metallic or dark-hued bedside tables.