Bedside Tables in Milton Keynes

A bedside table is a complementary part of the bedroom, serving as a specific storage spot for valuables as well as an eye-catching accent enhancing the bedrooms’ visual appeal.

At Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes, our bedside tables are available in a lot of different sizes and colours. With over 16 years of expertise in delivering quality furniture, we ensure to enhance the value of the interior and give you the needed peace of mind.

Give Style to Your Bedroom Spaces

We provide nearly every kind of bedside table in different colours and types; among our offerings are:

  • Shelves: Our specialists offer modern bedside tables for contemporary bedrooms, with the bedside table shelf serving as a useful and space-saving addition.
  • Custom Bedside Tables: If ready-made bedside tables might not fit your wants and style, we provide bespoke side tables to meet all of your requirements.
  • Small Cabinets: Our experts can carve out small cabinets in the bedside tables. These are the kind of nightstands where wallets and valuables can be kept safely.
  • Luxury Side Tables: Our expertly designed bedside tables, crafted from the highest-grade materials, are a must-have for your opulent bedroom.

Connect to craft your side table today according to your own choice through our expert artisans. We cover:

  • Floating bedside tables — a practical use of storage.
  • Hardwood bedside tables — designed to resist normal wear and tear.
  • Rattan bedside tables — a blend of modern style and elaborate design.
  • Round bedside tables — infuse contrast into your bedroom interior.
  • Tray bedside tables — genuinely versatile.
  • MDF bedside tables — sleek finishes offered in various styles.
  • Metal bedside tables — contemporary aesthetics paired with simple maintenance.
  • Glass top bedside tables — elevate your bedroom aesthetics.

Buying Tips for Bedroom Side Table

Our customer support services are dedicated to helping you with free consultations. In addition to what you can afford in furniture, you should consider the size and style of your bedroom while selecting a side table. Here are some suggestions for selecting the ideal bedroom side table.

  • The area of your bedroom determines the size of your bedside table. The standard height is according to the mattress. However, compact bedrooms may choose sleeker, more compact forms.
  • You can purchase a bedside table for a set of bunk beds for your children’s bunker-bed-equipped bedroom. These tall bedside tables are reachable from the upper bunk.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Licenced professionals offering tailored services with personalised solutions.
  • High-quality materials used in traditional to luxurious options.
  • Availability of different sizes, types and colours of bedside tables.
  • All projects are finished within 14 days following the day of booking.

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Our team offers a wide range of luxury and custom options for bedside tables in Milton Keynes. These tables serve as the focal point, expressing your personal style and adding usefulness, making them a perfect addition to any space.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Bedside tables shouldn’t be lower than the top of your mattress; instead, they should be the same height or slightly higher. Extending over the bed or slightly above to get anything is simple, but reaching down might be awkward and inconvenient while you’re lying down.

A bedside constructed of premium or high-quality materials will cost a lot more than one made of ordinary materials.

If you like your decor to be elegant, having two nightstands will frame your bed and give it a well-balanced appearance. However, you may give your bedroom a more modern and airy appearance by using just one nightstand, which also frees up space for additional bedroom decor.

Whether or not you want nightstands in your bedroom ultimately comes down to personal taste, available space, and financial constraints. Nightstands have indisputable advantages in terms of convenience, storage, and style, and you may need one.