Bedside Tables in Cambridge

A bedroom is incomplete without side tables that accomplish several tasks in addition to adding style. Bedside tables can be used to hold additional accessories and also offer a convenient spot for you to set your lamp.

At Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes, we host different sizes and types of bedside tables in Cambridge for sale. However, if you seek custom bedside tables made to your exact specifications with quality woodwork, different colours, and at an affordable cost, contact our authorised specialists. Our company focuses on making furniture that is customised to your requirements.

In order to help you furnish your bedrooms with stylish and lavish modern bedside tables, we also provide free design consultations.

Maximise Your Style with Convenient Bedside Tables

  1. Traditional Elegant Bedside Table: Designed with luxury and style, they are highly effective, practical, and fashionable simultaneously.
  2. Modern Simple Wall Shelves: For those who are inclined to the simplistic look, there is a flat minimalist wall shelf which is sleek and small. It is ideal for a minimalist bedside table.
  3. Attractive Wooden Bedside Tables: With a big set of drawers and a warm, light wood shade, it has a charming, rustic feel. Our rustic bedside table solution will be the perfect dream decoration for your bedroom.
  4. Conveniently Mobile Bedside Unit: These tailor-made solutions come with style and versatility, enabling you to move all your bedroom items with ease.

Our Tips to Style Your Bedside Table

To achieve the aesthetic goal for the bedside table, you can put some items and style it. Here are some guidelines:

  • Balance: Match items in terms of size on the left and right sides of the table when you want to create an impression of balance.
  • Layering: A vertical display can be achieved by stacking the items and adding extra visual elements. One way is to stack books with a nice item as the top decoration.
  • Greenery: You would introduce an element of the outside world and perhaps it would be in the form of a fresh flower or a small potted plant.
  • Individual Touch: Take framed pictures or some personal items and decorate your office or home with a touch of sentiment.

Advantages of Our Bedside Tables

Our bedside tables in Cambridge offer numerous benefits, including the augmented appearance of bedroom spaces.

  • Bedside tables with built-in chests of drawers or shelves offer additional storage for compact bedrooms or apartments.
  • A well-thought-out bedroom furnishing adds refinement and flair, and there are many distinctive styles and materials to match your current decor.
  • By giving items like books and magazines a dedicated place, this table improves organisation, creating a peaceful, orderly atmosphere in your bedroom.
  • Particularly useful at night without requiring you to get out of bed, offering a convenient surface for holding essentials close at hand.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Limited-time 50% discount offer on all orders above £2,000 with free design consultation.
  • Luxury options with superior materials, giving a modern look to your spaces.
  • A wide variety of alternatives and customised services available.
  • All projects are completed within 14 days from the day they are booked.

Do You Need Any Assistance? Contact Us!

Our experts can help you improve the visual attractiveness of your bedroom by providing a large selection range of bespoke and luxurious bedside tables in Cambridge. These side tables are a fantastic accent to any space because they convey your sense of design while also being functional.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Floating bedside tables are the ninjas of home design. They create extra floor space, which opens up the area and makes it feel lighter. Ideal for cramped areas or if you adore the minimalist aesthetic.

For height, look to tall vases and table lamps; for mid-level beauty, consider medium-sized candles and picture frames. Low-profile yet appealing accents are decorative bowls and platters.

The price of a bedside table made of expensive, high-quality, or even rare materials will be significantly greater than that of a similar one made of ordinary or less expensive materials. Consider the typical pricing disparity between furniture made of veneer and solid wood, plastic and stone or marble, and so forth.

Select a material that will hold up to your expectations for longevity while also blending in with the design of your bedroom. While glass and metal nightstands might give off a more modern vibe, solid wood bedside tables are a timeless option recognised for their durability.